A Little More About the Paranormal Romance Novel Curse of the Wolf

I was asked to give an interview about my work and my recently released novel, Curse of the Wolf.  I thought you, my regular readers, would enjoy learning more about the novel.  May my passion become yours! 

Paranormal Romance by Danica Winters

1.      What was the inspiration behind your novel, Curse of the Wolf?I am a Wikipedia addict.  Call me a nerd, but when I have down time I like to surf around their site launching from one idea to the next.  One day while I was researching mythologies, I ran across an image of a Veela, a creature similar to a nymph with one large exception—if a Veela falls in love with a mortal man, the man is fated to die a tragic death.  Forbidden love?  There is no better premise for a great romance.  2.     You have some really interesting character names in this book.  Where did you get these names?When writing this book I was reading an English Anthology (a course book from an old college class).  I ran upon Sir Edmund Spenser’s epic poem, The Faerie Queen.  From its allegorical form I borrowed the name Una and added Sachlich (translated to something like One Objective) to optimize the cruelty of the character.  Archimago also came from this book as the perfect antagonist.Baldur and Hodur came from a Norse myth about two brothers along with their father Odin.   3.     What other works did you look to when creating this book?It might sound strange, but I also read and re-read Madame Butterfly for inspiration (and I loved listening to Andrea Bocelli while working).  The tragedy of this opera was something I wanted to emulate in my work (while also keeping it a true romance novel).4.     What is the significance of the butterfly on your cover?Initially Curse of the Wolf was entitled, Mending Butterfly Wings but it was decided this was too much of a literary title and didn’t help readers to know what they were to expect when reading the novel.  As for the butterfly, it is a figurative and metaphorical representation of the main character, Gloriana Canis, and her journey.   5.    How would you describe the way you work as a writer?  I have two small children who keep me occupied with their constant pleading for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and mac and cheese.  Yes, I do attempt to feed my kids healthier foods, but kids will be kids.  I am always trying to squeeze in a little writing whenever I get the chance.  Each day I set myself a goal to write at least a thousand words—which often means I’m awake until the wee hours of the morning.6.     What writing advice was most beneficial to you?I’m lucky enough to work with a group of other published authors who have greatly increased the quality of my writing (I was not an English Major).  They are always sharing tidbits of knowledge such as never use adverbs (see greatly above).  The best advice I have received comes from many glasses of wine and a great deal of laughter.  To quote from Disney’s, Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming.”  You will have bad and good days, you will receive great reviews and poor reviews, but you must keep pursuing your dream.7.     You are a traditionally published author.  Any thoughts on the divide between independent publishing and traditional publishing? This is a tough question.  I think there is merit in both paths.  For the first time in publishing we, as artists, have been given a bit of power as to how our work is presented to the world.  I love my publishers and am honored to work with such great teams of people who help to bring my visions to life, but I know other authors who have had mixed feelings when it came to working with the traditional publishing world.  I think that it comes down to the type of person and writer that you are.  If you like to work with a team so that you can concentrate on the creative aspects of writing then by all means strive for traditionally publishing, but if you are a person who is incredibly self-motivated and who enjoys, and has the time to pursue, the business side of publishing, then indie publication may be a good fit. You can find Curse of the Wolf on Amazon, Barnes and NobleRavenous Romance, and most major e-book distributors.  It will  also be available in paperback August 2012!  If you have any questions about the book please feel free to leave a comment.  Thank you and Happy Reading!  -Danica Winters