A Paranormal Romance Author's Journey into the World of Irish Travellers

I am working on a novel for a new paranormal romance series.  Yes, I will continue the Veela Curse Series.  In fact, Book 1, Curse of the Wolf, will soon been made available in paperback as well as a refreshed e-book.  I hope the next books in the series will follow suit.Like most writers, I am constantly working.  Between promotion, social media, advertising, working with publishers and agents, and writing, my days are held hostage by to-do lists.  My favorite activity (aside from writing) has to be the research that is involved in writing my books.I’m always looking for fresh new ideas for the next book.  Without giving too much away about the next series I can safely say I’m writing about Irish Travellers.  Oh gypsies, you say?  Yes, gypsies.When I began this series I was enamored with the romantic ideal of someone traveling around their country living according to whims and desires.  However, I quickly came to find that there is very little research when it comes to their secretive communities.  The first thing I have learned is that Irish travellers are not Romany Gypsies.  They have a separate language, customs, and traditions.  Both groups are referenced to as ‘gypsy’ by the ‘English’ and they do co-mingle, but the most they have in common is a strict set of morals and customs that centers on a strict ‘No strangers allowed’ policy.This means that without becoming an Irish Traveller myself, there is little I can read/research to learn about their culture and language.  The door is locked.However, there is a glimmer of light.  I have found, and been working with, an Irish Traveller who, to this day, refuses to tell me her name.  I am proud to have an ally under their veil.  My eyes are being opened to a very different culture than what is being portrayed on “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.”Irish travellers and Romany gypsies are a proud people with a fighting spirit.  They are fighting a cultural battle that is not being talked about (see Dale Farms) in the main stream media.  The most important thing I am learning is that travellers and gypsies are just like us as they try to make enough money to survive, there are a wide variety of character types, and all of them are working to keep their heritage and traditions alive.I can't wait to share more about my current project with you.  Keep your eyes peeled, there will be more to come!