Writing Paranormal Romance: Goals

There are as many types of paranormal romance writers as there are people.  There are writers who write everyday, with a cup of coffee, a pencil stuffed in the hair, and a notepad next to their computer.  There are writers who only write when they  have their work completely planned out.  And there are writers who are dictated by the schedule of their lives--they may not write for a month and then write everyday for a week.  In my humble opinion, all of these styles are completely acceptable, as the person is given the opportunity to be creative, to build a world outside of their own, a world that one day they may share with others.  Some would consider the simple action of writing a success, but for type-A people (like me) success only comes with completion of a project (and for professional paranormal romance writers--publication). 

Completion can be a formidable adversary.  No matter what style of writer you are, you are going to be barraged by the everyday grind of life--the furnace goes out, the kids are out of school, or family is staying.  There is always something that comes between the paranormal romance writer and the ability to sit down and create. 

How does one overcome these everyday challenges in order to be successful and finish a paranormal romance short story/novel? 

Set yourself a goal.  

When you look at the act of writing a novel as a whole, the challenge can seem insurmountable.  There are always reasons that stop a person from following their dream of writing the (paranormal romance) novel that lives inside of them.   I don't have enough time... I'm not that creative... And, who in their right mind can sit down and type a 70,000 word manuscript? 

Writing a novel isn't easy.   Just like in life, if you concentrate on the challenge of the future goal, you will likely never act.  The way around this is to break the unachievable goal down into smaller more attainable actions

I started out writing when I had time--which happened to be in the evenings when everyone else was asleep.  It was a small action I knew I could accomplish.  This small change in my life, this small goal, launched me into a new and amazing direction.  I learned who I was, what I really wanted, and what I needed to do to become successful (and finish the novel). 

After I accomplished the first goal of writing every night, soon my larger goal of completing the novel was fulfilled.  It took many late nights, but I was empowered.  I could accomplish it again. My goals changed as my ability and desire for publication increased.  I grew along with my writing. 

Writing a  (paranormal romance) novel is a process.  Don't become bogged down with excuses, instead change your perception.  Realize your inner-strength and resolve. 

If you have a dream, regardless of what it is (from writing to engineering), make a goal that moves you in the direction of your goal.  You can do it.  You can Become empowered