Secrets of Savannah Sacrifice (Secret #5)

All right… It’s post #5!!!For those of you who haven’t followed: For the last four weeks, I have been giving readers a song and a secret about the book!Savannah Sacrifice carries many, many secrets. Some of the secrets are fun, some are deliciously wicked, but guaranteed you will love them all! So, grab a seat, remember to follow (and put in for the giveaways) and get ready to learn more about Savannah Sacrifice! Please feel free to leave me a comment. And if you’ve read the book and it has made you think of a song (or something equally amazing), leave me a comment! I will be stopping by each stop, and I will post each participating entry on my Facebook/Twitter page!(You can learn other secrets about Savannah Sacrifice by checking out last week's post!)So have fun!Today’s Secret: There is a Latin prayer that takes place: Spiritus, convenientibus terra viventium. Restitue animam et corpus. Benedictus in sæcula. Gratia. Misericordia. Amor.Roughly translated it means: Spirit, join the land of the living. Restore the body and the soul. Blessed forever. Love. Grace. Compassion.(I don’t want to spoil anything for you following along!)forsyth parkToday’s Song: If there is one song that would be “Starling’s Song” My Immortal would fit the bill. Starling was an incredible character to create. In trying to empathize with her struggles I would listen to this song while writing. Thank you for all the love and support. I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the secrets of Savannah Sacrifice! Danica Winters