Secrets of Savannah Sacrifice (Secret #1)

I have had many readers email and message me about the newest release in the Nymph Series, Savannah Sacrifice, most have been wondering about the Latin inscriptions and the secrets that I weave into the story. As a special thanks to my readers and fans (and those who've reached out) I'm going to be doing a five part blog event in which I will share secret about the book and a song that has inspired or reflects the story!Savannah Sacrifice (like it predecessors) carries many, many secrets. Some of the secrets are fun, some are deliciously wicked, but guaranteed you will love them all! So, grab a seat, remember to follow my blog and get ready to learn more about Savannah Sacrifice!Please feel free to leave me a comment. And if you’ve read the book and it has made you think of a song (or something equally amazing), leave me a comment! I will be stopping by each stop, and I will post each participating entry on my Facebook/Twitter page!So have fun!Today’s Secret: In the book there is an evil ghost named Edward. This was the photo I used in creating his character. He just looks like a pain in the neck, doesn’t he?Victorian Ghost_EdwardBonus Secret*: Three covers were created for this book. Select members of my Street Team (Join the Team here!) were asked to vote on their favorite cover. In the end, their vote trumped mine and the favored cover was selected! They did a stupendous job! Thank you to my most devoted fans! Today’s Song:A major theme in Savannah Sacrifice was the mood and soul of the South. You will notice that this song (Rock Me Baby) is mentioned in the book! I hope you love this song as much as I do!I am looking forward to seeing you next week for another secret!Thank you for all the love and support,Danica Winters