The Life of the Marmot

This week I had a furry visitor into my world.  It's been a fun, trying and often hilarious few days as I have had to confront my nemesis--the Hoary Marmot.  I have to admit, I had to research the little creature that chose to reside in the dust covered under belly of my beat up farm truck.  The creature was what most call a 'whistle pig' and rightly so--the giant ground squirrel (only slightly less fat than my tom cat) chirped and bleated whenever anything came within 20 feet of MY truck.  However, this nugget, Hoary Marmot,  taught me a lesson as it sequestered my vehicle--it taught me perseverance  (and pepper spray to the face is quite unpleasant).He stayed in my truck for four days without food (and water only from that of which was shot at him through a pressurized hose) in a habitat that could in only the minimalist way be considered appropriate for an overstuffed squirrel.  Yet even with the most adamant of prodding, and an entire can bear spray, he refused to leave.  Many questions came to mind, but I had to admire him for his tenacity.  Regardless of how hard I tried to humanely remove him, he refused to move from his 'comfort' zone.As a paranormal romance writer, I'm often faced with situations where I'm forced to fight for what I desire (i.e. my trucks wiring to not be destroyed).   As I've said many times before, being a writer is a tough business.  And like the fat marmot, there are times when I want to stuff myself into a hole for days, and scream at people who even think about approaching me.  However unlike the somewhat cute and ornery beast I must exit my den and face the world and all the pitfalls and criticism that come with it.After four days of battle, the marmot disappeared into the night after a hard-won war--he being the clear victor and me being the out-smarted human.  I must chuckle and remind myself that like the Marmot, with patience and perseverance I will attain my goal (my wiring remains unscathed).  But I must admit, I don't believe I want to meet another Marmot--in my truck's undercarriage or otherwise.