Autumn in Montana

The greatest season is upon us in the land of ghostly hills and phantom sunshine.  The scents of crumbling leaves and the sounds of footsteps upon the crisp early morning frost have invaded the world here in Montana.  For those of you who don’t know me well, I’m a cowgirl, a paranormal romance author, and an avid reader living in the timber and finding inspiration in a back-to-the-land lifestyle.  And recently, we have spent many hours out in the hills readying our home for the harsh winter to come.  I am fortunate to work as an author—I can pack up my computer and travel to the tops of mountains where are all a person can see for miles are peaks so large that they act as speed bumps for the heavy fall clouds that try to invade.   I have written novels at the tops of many a mountain, near gurgling waterfalls, and places that seem so desolate it’s easy to believe no person has been there before.  I have written as snow falls on the car around me and then a few minutes later I’m forced to hide from the melting heat of the sun.  Here in the fall, we go back to a different time, we revert to the recipes of our ancestors, the ones who have gone before.  In honor of the change of the seasons and as a thank you to my fans, who keep me writing, I wish to give you a piece of Montana in the only way I can.   I wish to share a Montana recipe with you.  Please enjoy this with your family and friends.  And as you do so, think of the dusky blue mountains, the tall pines and the scents of a Montana Fall.  Kneplfa:  (similar to a dumpling)1 c. flourPinch of salt1 ½ teaspoons baking powder1 eggWater Bring pot of salted and buttered water to a boil.  Mix ingredients until dough is stiff.  Make into a ball and the cut with scissors into small chunks.  Drop pieces into boiling water (carefully).  Boil until they are floating and fully cooked.  (from here there are several different recipes that you can add the knepfla to i.e. chicken, pork, beef, and cream based soups etc.)  Next:  Fry up a Smoked Kielbasa or Polish Sausage, add sauerkraut, and boiled knepfla.  Serve hot.