Gaining Perspective

“Sometimes the greatest gift we can give ourselves is a change of perspective,” (Savannah Sacrifice, Winters, 2014).Savannah SacrificeLife has been crazy over the last year with writing, having small kids, and working for a publishing house, but things are a'changing (I can’t explain why I want to sing that line...).  I have decided to step down from my role in the publishing house to gain a new perspective. I miss spending time with my family, I miss writing for fun, and I miss talking to my fans.  I’m passionate about being an author, but the time has come to step back, refresh, and just write. I couldn’t be more excited.Thanks to this gift, I have found that I’m more eager than ever to dive into new projects and to celebrate the projects that are coming up. This week, I have received the cover for my next novel, Savannah Sacrifice (Book 4, Nymph Series), which is to be released June 9th.I would love to share it with you!!What do you think? One of my favorite cities in the U.S. is Savannah, Georgia and this book was a chance to delve into a culture and a lifestyle that I knew that you would love as well.  Savannah Sacrifice was written to be a gift to my readers, my attempt to help readers also gain a new perspective, and a chance to get a break from real life. It is a dark book, a book where ghosts and evil spirits roam free, but where humor will always come to the rescue.  Quirky characters will keep you turning the page while you wonder what will come out of their mouths next.May you find your next favorite book in my gift to you: Savannah Sacrifice.Now, I must get back to writing that next book. I want to keep you happy!Oooh … I have a question for you … If you could set a book anywhere in the world, where would you pick?