Lorrie Struiff

Author Lorrie Struiff as her Character Winnie Krapski!

Hey there, thanks for having me on your blog today. I sure appreciate this opportunity to tell you a little bit about me.My name is Winnie Krapski. Don’t laugh, after all I had to take my husband’s name. He’s been deceased for a long time now, may he rest in peace.Anyway, one day I got a new perm. Well, driving home, it began storming. Now I’m not talking about a little storm, but one of those that you see lightning streaks everywhere in the sky, and the rain comes down in sheets. I pulled into my driveway and eyed the front door.Of course I didn’t have an umbrella, so I put a newspaper over my head and ducked from tree to tree trying to keep my new perm dry. You all know what happens if a new perm gets wet.I had just made it to my cherry tree when a blast hit my body like I never felt before and everything went black. I came to in the hospital. The doctor said I had a “near death experience.”He said I was one lucky woman. Ha! If he only knew.      I developed a talent from that experience. One I could have nicely done without. When I visited a funeral home and saw the exact image of the body that was lying in the casket also sitting in a chair, I fainted.      Fat Phil Phillips revived me, drove me home, and explained my condition. Not only could I see the ghosties; I could also talk to them and hear them. Fat Phil had the same talent.       I don’t know how I let Fatty talk me into joining the “Call on the Dead Club” chapter in our area. I guess it was his smooth patter and all the good I’d do with my gift by granting one last reasonable request for the spooks so they could truly rest in peace.      If I had known all the trouble this talent would cause me, I might have wished I didn’t survive that lightning blast.      Let me begin by telling you two of the wild happenings trying to fulfill those last wishes. I’ll be sure to tell you more soon.

Winnie Gets a Gift Drafted into the C.O.D. Club (Call on the Dead) by Fat Phil Phillips, her mission is to grant the newly deceased’s ghost one last reasonable request. Can Winnie honor her oath?Well, she tries. But, not before she stumbles into situations that almost get her killed. She’s one spunky broad. Going in StyleThe FBI calls on Winnie’s help. Jack Daniels, aka Double Shot, accidently got run over by his getaway driver on their last bank heist. He didn’t tell anyone where he hid the loot. Winnie’s job? Question his ghostie and find that money.Follow her adventures! Please check out Lorrie Struiff's Books on Amazon!