Lesbian Romance

Guest Interview With D.F. Krieger

In romance there are many genres and types of relationships.  Today I have the opportuntiy to introduce to you my friend D.F. Krieger who co-authored a Female/Female Romance, The Submission,  which was just released this week.Danica:  Hi D.F. welcome to my blog.  Could you tell us how you write Female/Female romance?D.F.: In recent events, I found myself staring at my computer, slack jawed and uncertain. Write a lesbian romance? How am I supposed to do that?  Indeed, how is one supposed to write something they've never experienced nor dreamed about? The old adage is, "write what you know." In this case, the adage applied about as well as oil mixes with water.One of my authors, who I've grown quite close to as friends over the months, was speaking to me on chat. We were venting to each other, during which I made the statement that I'd love to spank my authors into listening to me sometimes, but half of them would like it. After all, I am the whip-wielding editor known as Her Editing Evilness at work.Write it! Hell, I'll co-author with you and play the role of the author. It'll be fun.I stared at the reply and, despite my shock, felt the wheels turning in my head. Why not? I'm obviously not a star-faring pirate captain, yet I'd like to think I wrote my sci-fi romance rather well. I can write situations in which I've never found myself. There was just one problem…How is someone who is not a lesbian, nor is interested in lesbian sex, prepared to write a lesbian romance?I envisioned myself typing a scene, gulping soda as I tried to convince myself not to freak out. I imagined typing a kiss between the two and physically flinched. Now, before you accuse me of being a homophobe, realize one thing: I'm not. I have no issues with people loving who they love. I'M just not attracted to other women. I've always wrote guy with girl sex, and that's been that.In the author world, you are bound to make friends with writers who do not write the same thing as you. In the editing world, you are bound to edit manuscripts with story lines you never thought you'd deal with. In the reading world, occasionally you pick up a book outside your regular genres and experience something new. Those three worlds smacked me around and brought me to a revelation. Lesbian romance is like any other romance. Sex is sex, but what matters is the development of the plot and the relationship between the characters. As long as I focused on that, and stayed true to the overall elements of storytelling itself, I was bound to write a book that not only challenged me, but brought a new realm for my readers to delve into.Afterall, my motto is "Romance from one realm to the next."Danica:  Do you have an excerpt from, The Submission, that you would like to share?D.F.: Sure.  Here you go:

Katia’s body tensed, and Sylvia laughed as she used her free hand to slap one of the now exposed ass cheeks. The skin was a nice shade of pink that spoke of force without the risk of bruising. It made Sylvia’s own pussy wet to see how well she’d worked the BDSM virgin over. The mewls of pleasure that Katia gave with each thrust of Sylvia’s finger did nothing to stave off that desire.
“Yes, my little bestseller?” Sylvia pushed her finger deep and held still, awaiting Katia’s next words.
“I think I understand now,” Katia said with a whimper. “I understand it isn’t about pain, but about the trust to take each other past certain boundaries.”
Sylvia shook her head. “Oh no,” she said as she inserted a second finger. “You don’t understand quite yet.”
With those words, she began pumping Katia harder. She allowed her other hand to wander to her waist, down her band, and under her panties. When she slid her finger inside of her, it was like an earthquake shook her entire body. As if sensing her orgasm, Katia screamed out as well, her pussy clenching Sylvia’s fingers.
As they stood there, panting, Sylvia removed her hand from Katia’s sopping pussy. She went to the bathroom, washed her hands off, then filled a cup with cold water. Katia sat on the edge of the bed when she walked back, looking shaken and uncertain. Sylvia handed her the water.
After Katia took a few sips, she closed her eyes. “Thank you,” she whispered.
“Now,” Sylvia said as she caressed Kat’s cheek, “you understand.”
Danica:  Thank you so much for taking time to tell us about your experience wrinting within this genre, it was enlightening.  You are absolutely correct--romance is all about the relationship between the characters.
D.F.:  You are welcome.  And as a thank you to readers, I would like to offer a free copy of The Submission to one of your commenters.  I hope you love my book!