The Knock of Life

"It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart."-Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games Trilogy

There are times in everyone's life where the simplest course of action is to fall apart, seek shelter between the sheets of self-pity, and escape from the blows life seeks to deliver.  It is all too easy to allow oneself to avoid conflict, run away from the difficulties that are a part of living.

A great place to start a story is to ask the question: "What if?"

So I ask, what if you give into this urge?  Does life become easier if you wallow in your misfortune?  Do your trials end because you don't face them?  More often than not, the answer is a resounding "no."  In fact, in most cases you have only made the situation worse.  The conflicts likely have grown, escalating and beginning to impact other people's lives.

Either directly or tangently, your inaction will affect others.

When life is knocking at the door, you must answer.  You must react in a way that keeps you healthy and makes you stronger.  If there are unpleasant phone calls or emails that must be made, you must push down your inner-procrastinator and let the fall out begin.  Often, the reaction you receive will not be the one you expected, but again you must react positively.

Make a change in your life.

Look at your life, what is the primary thing that makes you want to retreat into your safety zone?  What makes you fall apart?  Is the cause something you can change?  If there is, how can you change your life for the better?  Imagine "what if..."

We all slip into moments of self-pity, but don't let these moment stop you from making a difference in your own life.  It is ten times harder to pick yourself up from the pits of despair than it is to remain positive and answer the knock of life.