Bridget T- Little

Bridget T. Little Changes Her Name

Bridget T Little V3This month has been crazy. New adventures. New romance (novels, that is). New jobs (that's right, I'm starting a company--more to come on that later)! But most importantly, my seven-year-old daughter and I have ganged up and published our first book together called Bridget T. Little (Changes Her Name)!!We had so much fun plotting, writing, editing, and doing the graphic designs for this book. It was an incredible experience to share my passion for writing and publishing with my little "mini me." This book has turned out to be a hilarious look not only into our lives, but the lives of any mother, daughter, or son out there!It all started with a simple concept. What would a girl do to stop her brother? From there, Bridget T. Little was born. If you have a young reader in your family, you have to give this book a read... You will roar with laughter at what little Ms. Bridget does all in an attempt to take down her troll of a brother!About Bridget T. Little:

Sometimes a girl can’t catch a break—

especially from her brother…

Bridget T. Little—or Bridget Too Little according to her troll of a brother—is on a quest to stop him from teasing her about her name, even if it means changing it.From Chloe, to Katie, to Pink, Noodle, or Queen, no matter the name, Bridget soon learns a valuable lesson in keeping things simple and, even better, how to take down a troll.About D. and L. Winters: Danica and Little Winters are a mother and daughter team of authors who love to make kids laugh.Little Winters is seven years old. She dreamed of becoming an author and this was her mom’s way of making it happen (because her mom, Danica, believes that all kid’s dreams should come true)! Her favorite food is peanut butter and jelly and her favorite animal is her cat, Tommy (who makes an appearance in the Bridget T. Little Series from time to time).Danica Winters is an award-winning and bestselling romance author. She believes in the power of a good laugh and a great sense of humor.Where you can find your copy: Paperback | Kindle Ebook