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For the Love of Bookaholics

I have to admit I've been deep in my writer's cave the last few months, so I apologize profusely for my absence from blogging. I have been busy working my fingers to little bloody nubs on not one, but two upcoming releases!!! (*Party *)party timeIn addition to the books, I wanted to send a big fat thank you to all of my wonderful and supportive readers. Thanks to all of your support, I'm honored to let you know that Montana Mustangs won 2013 Reviewer's Choice Book of the Year!!! Thank you, you bookaholics! :) I'm also excited to tell you that this Award-Winning book was just released in PAPERBACK! (That's right, baby! Now you get to read in the tub! But please don't drop it!)  On a side note, the fourth book in the Nymph Series, Savannah Sacrifice, will be published June 7, 2014--so mark those calendars!Now back to you... I have put hours and hours of thought into what I could do to thank you for all of your voting, love and support. Let's face it, since I can't send everyone who voted champagne (I don't think they have a big enough delivery truck), I am going to do the next best thing. I'm going to let all of my loyal readers have a sneak peek at my next book, Island Bride. Island Bride is set to be released in early April... So no tears, you will be able to get your hands on the full book soon! :) 

Island Bride

Chapter One


While she waited in the New Zealand hotel’s bar for her assistant, Amy Oliver’s thoughts wandered to Jason. After a long day like this, she used to slip her fingers into his as soon as she sank into their bed. His fingers would collapse around hers, as if they had waited all day for her presence. Yet, the longer she held his hand, no matter how hard or how light her grip, the less and less she had felt his touch. Before long, just as she had lost the feeling of his fingers night after night, she had lost his love—even though their skins had been pressed together.The bar around her was almost empty except for a couple who sat in the shadows. Amy took a long drink from the glass of Chardonnay and sat it back down on the bar. Droplets of condensation pooled where her fingers had pressed against the glass. Love in a touch. Love lost in that same touch. It all depended on the force. How right they had been.Why hadn’t she listened?The Chardonnay tasted harsh and dry, but it was nothing compared to the Arctic chill that had invaded her core.“You ready, Amy?” Her assistant, Honeysuckle, called from the door of the hotel lounge. A large binder was stuffed against her blood-red business suit, like it was the only life preserver in a sea filled with sharks.What parent in their right mind would name their daughter Honeysuckle?The woman perched on the tips of her Choo’s like she was ready to pirouette across the bar. Her red hair was pulled back with one perfect little curl framing her face. No matter the amount of hairspray or thousand dollar suits, Honeysuckle still carried the shame of an overly sweet-scented name that must have been given to her by a tribe of left-over lovechildren.“Come on!” Honeysuckle made her way across the bar, unaware of the interruption she caused in Amy’s pity party. “The wedding starts tomorrow and the florist says they’re running late with a shipment. The orchids won’t be arriving until tomorrow morning and now he’s saying that there’s no way he can get all forty-seven arrangements completed before six.”Amy dipped her finger in the pool of condensation on her wine glass and licked it from her fingertip. Her chance at love may have come and gone, but that didn’t mean she could ignore the ignorant bliss of those who paid her to fantasize about theirs. Happy hour was officially over... --Hope you loved the sneak peek!! :)Happiest of Reading,Danica Winters