Guest Blogger and Author Margot Vesel Rising

My name is Margot Vesel  Rising, a composer and author. A few years ago after church every Sunday, a group of widows went out for lunch. Some of the women were exchanging books with each other.  I finally asked what they were reading. They said romance novels. I asked if they wouldn’t like to read stories about people of our own age. They agreed that they‘d enjoy that. That is when I seriously started to write with a purpose.

Having composed for years, I decided to use part of my life as a composer for WHIRLWIND. That was followed by Whirlwind II and BEYOND THE WHIRLWIND. All of them were about an older woman composer and her romance. I followed with other books about younger women, but I found it was easy to put older people along with the younger ones. My thought was that there would be something of interest for everyone.One by one, I published nine novels through iUniverse.  When Books To Go Now accepted ORPHAN ON MY DOORSTEP, I was thrilled that I didn’t have to spend one cent on it. It is now an eBook. It has more than one story in the novel, and I hope people enjoy it as much I have enjoyed writing it. (By the way, the orphan is not a child, but a young woman who grew up in foster homes.)We all need to have some reason to write a book, even if it just an idea for the plot. My mother wrote poetry in Germany and many of them were published.  After learning the language, she started to write again. The year before she died, a publisher accepted several of them to print in his next book of poetry. Unfortunately, his wife wrote a month later that she had to return the poems. Her husband had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and they closed the publishing company immediately. I felt bad for Mother; but two years after her death, I wondered why I couldn’t write a novel around her poems. I enclosed a few of my own (really nothing compared to Mother’s poetry) and POETIC JUSTICE was created. I composed my music as Margot Vesel , (my name at that time.) I try to use Margot Vesel Rising when the novels concern music.I valued the editor of Books To Go Now who read my book and made suggestions for corrections. It is wonderful to have someone read the words I wrote. Self-publishing companies like iUniverse don’t read or edit them unless you pay them to do it. The cost has gone up so much, I can’t afford to publish any more with them.I can only hope that ORPHAN ON MY DOORSTEP is read by many and enjoyed. Please feel free to connect with Margot on FacebookOr Check out her books on Amazon!