The Devil's Angel, A Paranormal Romance Short Story

This week I have the honor of announcing that my short story, The Devil's Angel, has been published by Silver Publishing.  I love this story.  It is different than anything I've read or written before.  I hope you love it! 

Because you are such wonderful fans, I have pasted an excerpt from the story below!  Please feel free to let me know what you think. 

And again, thank you for your support.  Without your support my dreams would never come true. 

Paranormal Romance Short Story

Excerpt from The Devil's Angel:

Sarah was no angel, but for the first time in her adult life, she found herself holding wire wings covered with what looked like an old pair of white nylons as she fidgeted with her ill-fitting saint mask.

She hated Halloween, and this year was no exception, the day just another excuse for her idiotic co-workers to get drunk and fondle each other.

Maybe what upset her the most was the fact she didn’t have anyone to fondle her. Regardless, her solo status was only made worse by being at her boss’s house, which was just then filled with a bunch of drunken ass-grabbers wearing the only attire allowed—their company’s line of Halloween themed lingerie.

She slammed her car door shut. Her high heels clicked on the walkway as she tugged at the laced edges of the white satin corset that had ridden up her side. She tried to calm her racing heart as she readjusted her tilted halo.

The thumping noise of the party greeted her as she made her way up the concrete steps that led to her boss’s front door.

“Are you alone, little angel?” a man asked.

She looked up at him as he leaned against the bricks of the arched entryway. His face and body were the same shade of red as the front door of the house and he had black, cow-like horns extending above his ears.

“Who’s asking?”

“The Devil.” He laughed wickedly. “Or, as I would prefer—your Devil.”

She slid her arms into the holes of the lop-sided wings and stepped closer to the mysterious black-haired man.

“How ’bout this, Devil. Let’s stick together and make a pass around the idiot circuit, and then we can see where things take us?” She looped her arm around his and reached up to stroke his muscular chest.

She was acting like a tramp, but wearing the mask made her feel protected by the anonymity the thin plastic offered. She could say what she wanted, to whomever she wanted. The effect was exhilarating and unexpectedly empowering. Usually, she was the quiet underling, but tonight she could be the fallen angel. And if he was lucky, she could be his fallen angel….(The Devil’s Angel, Released March 31st, 2012)