Short Paranormal Romance Story, Tall Order

I normally write paranormal romance novels, but I have a paranormal romance short story that I like to think of as my ‘husband.’ When I met him, it was love at first sight (or idea). I knew he was a keeper. So after holding onto the idea for almost ten years, I finally married him and started to write.

My paranormal romance kept me up at night with whispers of all the things he wanted to do together and the places we could go.

Short Paranormal Romance Story, Tall Order

I would reach for my pen in the night to record his words, only to wake in the morning to illegible scribbles and a feeling of being let down.

Before I could surrender to the words he(my paranormal romance) begged me to put to paper, I had to let myself go (I don’t mean just figuratively, I mean pajamas at 5 p.m. and I think I may have lost my hair brush). When I finally gave in, the paranormal romance story flowed from me unhindered by my real life needs. The words, my characters story, poured out onto the page and in less than a week our relationship went to the next level—Submissions.

Immediately feelings of inadequacy with our relationship began to surface. The paranormal romance story was too radical, too controversial for the market. Publishers were going to hate my ‘love.’

Yet, I pushed myself to submit.

I braced for the impact of rejection.

I submitted to the only four publishers, one of which was via a paranormal romance writing competition.

When the first letter came, I closed my eyes and clicked it open. “Thank you for your submission. We were very impressed with your writing and story, however it is not suitable for our [desired Anthology] which focuses on erotic, rather than sweet, romance. We wish you the very best in finding a home for your wonderful story.

It was a wonderful rejection, but the issue—No sex. Huh. Okay.

The next letter came, and it was so very similar it was eerie. Again the same problem great writing but—No sex.

So maybe my hubbie and I had stopped a little short of taking it to that level, but it was a short story. I could write ‘fluff’ for a hundred pages. This story wasn’t about that. This relationship was about the emotional reaction it would receive.

The third letter came. Finally, an acceptance.

I was ecstatic about the opportunity the publisher presented me with, but something about it didn’t seem right.

I waited, unsure of my next move.

Second guessing my hesitation, I was about to go with the first publisher when the last letter arrived in my mailbox.

I have the honor to announce, I have won the paranormal romance short story competition and the publishing contract I had been waiting for. In two weeks, my award winning paranormal romance hubbie will be available to the public. I couldn’t be more proud.

I hope that you, my readers, will love my paranormal romance story as much as I have loved it while bringing it to life.

It is a story that has impacted my life.   My hope is that you find the story impacts your life as well.