New Release Alert: Mr. Taken (Mystery Christmas Series)

Mystery Christmas SeriesIt's that time again, Mr. Taken has just been released and is taking the world by storm!  I can't tell you how pleased I am with this Harlequin Intrigue series, and how happy I am that it has been so warmly received and loved by fans.Mr. Taken is the third book in the Mystery Christmas Series, a series that has not only been a Walmart Bestseller but has also hit the Publishers Weekly Bestsellers list! Seriously, I could almost cry with happiness. I couldn't have accomplished these things without your love and support. Thank you so very much.A bit about Mr. Taken:In Mystery, Montana, a white-hot hunk fights fire with passion… Though he's ridiculously handsome and notoriously funny, it's Colter Fitzgerald's firefighting skills that are most needed by Whitney Barstow—at first. She's been traumatized by fire and terrified that the arsonist sabotaging Dunrovin Ranch is a madman from her past. She's also fearful that harm will come to any man she loves, so denies her attraction to Colter. Then why is she jealous of another woman's hands all over him?On the eve of the ranch's Christmas festival, Colter wants no one but Whitney, body, soul and darkest secrets. But there's still an arsonist to stop…before what makes the season bright is Dunrovin in flames. Purchase Links: Harlequin | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo | Google Play | WalmartMr. Taken will be available digitally November 1, 2017, but feel free to order your copy in advance.If you have a moment, I would love for you to leave a kind review after you have read the book--these are the greatest gifts you can give an author! :)Have a wonderful week,Danica Winters

Halloween Scavenger Hunt and a Mystery Christmas!

Hey Guys, 
First, thanks to everyone who picked up my newest release Mr. Serious, book 2 of the Mystery Christmas Series! Your support ended up launching Mr. Serious onto the Publishers Weekly Bestseller's List! Thank you so very, very much. 

If you haven't gotten your copy of Mr. Serious (published by Harlequin Intrigue) yet, you can get it here:Harlequin | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo | Google Play | Walmart

On October 17, the next in the Mystery Christmas Series, Mr. Taken, will be on store shelves! Don't forget to get your copy of that as well!Harlequin | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo | Google Play | WalmartOh, and if you need a little more Christmas in your life (even though it's nearly Halloween), please feel free to check out an anthology I'm included in, Montana Christmas Romance, which is on sale for $0.99 now!
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New Release: Mr. Serious

The time has arrived...Mr. Serious has hit store shelves![photo: cover model]First, I have to do a special shout out—the mom of the little pumpkin on the cover contacted me and from there we became friends. I normally don't get to meet my cover models, so it has been a real treat. As a thank you, I sent them a little care package with lots of goodies, and look at what I received as a thank you!Isn't she just the cutest!? (So you know, I did receive permission from her proud mama to share!)I want to say thank you again to them—you made this book truly special!Mr. Serious is the second book in the Mystery Christmas Series, coming on the heels of Ms. Calculation. I'm excited to let you know that Ms. Calculation hit the Walmart and Neilsen BookScan Bestsellers lists! You read that right! I was so excited. I'm hoping that we can do it again with Mr. Serious.Here is the blurb:

Duty and danger bring an alpha hero to Mystery, MontanaWaylon Fitzgerald had a life of adventure all planned out—one that did not include returning to his family's ranch to bring his missing ex-wife into custody for murder. With so much bad blood between them, the sexy military police officer understands why his ex's sister, Christina Bell, hates him. And yet he and Christina spark a sizzling attraction.What changes everything for Waylon is Winnie, Christina's adorable ward...and the startling revelation that he's her father. When she goes missing—her mother a killer at large—Waylon's world is upended. Will he redeploy to follow his passions around the world...or stay where his heart has found an unexpected Christmas present?Mr. Serious was hailed by Books and Spoons as an "Ardent yet sweet love story on the side of tension riddled family secrets, murders, kidnappings, and burglaries moves the plot forward with a rapid space while the tension escalates, and loyalties are tested. A fascinating small-town crime spree that takes unexpected turns and leaves the reader anticipating for more to come in the series."

Mr. Serious Excerpt


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Now, you may be wondering what you can do to help spread the word about the release and the Mystery Christmas Series. If you are, thank you! I can always use an extra hand. If you are interested in helping me, please feel free to share the image of the excerpt and/or links for the book.Also, once you read the book, please take a moment to leave a review—Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads are great places! These reviews are not only read by me, but also by others looking for great titles, and my editors and agents. They make a HUGE difference.[image: 99 cent sale]I also want to let you know that my dear friend and double RITA nominee Cecy Robson also has some exciting news!In advance of the release of her next book Of Flame and Fate (to be released September 26th), her book Of Flame and Light (Weird Girls #7, Flame #1) is on sale. This awesome sale ends September 20th, so act fast!

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As always, I hope you are doing great! Please don't be afraid to reach out and chat with me, I'm always on Twitter (I'm such a junkie)! And thank you again for making Ms. Calculation a Walmart and Neilsen Bookscan bestseller!

Have a great week!

Danica Winters